November 29–30

Meters Fest

The International Short Film and Animation Festival  METERS is the one of the most popular cultural events in Russia.

 "METERS" is hold annually in TVER - one of Russian ancient cities located between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Festival is the place for showing shortmovies and animation and discussing it , and, sure, for some experiments. 

Festival "METERS" is the space where the spectator has an opportunity to meet the section of modern short cinema and animation that is representing the authors of new generation.

The Festival provides with a space for communication between young authors and professionals from different countries and works as a place for knowledge and experience exchange.

The Festival "METERS" invites filmmakers from all over the world to participate in the 7th Festival - 2015!

The following shorts are available:
- short feature films
- short Documentary film
- Animation short
- Music video short
- Promo video short

Previous years the festival program included films of directors from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria,  Germany, Denmark, England,  Australia, Argentina.

The Qualifying round of the IV International Youth Festival of short films and animations «METERS» has finished! 70 films from 35 countries were included in the list of finalists.
The authors of these movies have been invited to participate in the Festival. The Jury will watch movies and decide who will win.

It is not only a Festival, it is a workshop.

All the VIP Guests and members of Jury will be holding special master classes for the participants.

The 2015 Festival is expceted to bring you another three glorious days crammed with film demonstrations, special events and parties.

Among Festival partners are Russian and foreign cultural centers and movie academies. 

Special shows are held in different cities of Russia and the world. These events took place in Munchen (2009), Berlin (2010), The Rhön, Dusseldorf and Aachen (2011), Nizhny Novgorod (2010, 2011), Saint-Petersburg (Russia, 2010), Kazan (2010), Kharkiv (2011), Tula (2011), Perm (2011), Moscow (2011) etc

The Festival is held anually, usually in the fall (October/November).


The results of the qualifying round METERS-2015!

August 5, 2015

The International Short Film and Animation Festival "METERS"  will be in 7th time this year. We present The Short list of the festival.

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The Short list of the festival will be published August 4

August 3, 2015

The Short list of the festival will be published August 4. The VII International Short Film and Animation Festival METERS will be at November 2015.

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The festival Qualifying round started!

July 21, 2015

The VII International Short Film and Animation Festival METERS Qualifying round started! Short list of the festival will be published August 1st. Thank you for your attention to the festival!

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